Conveyancing & Mortgages

  • Provide the legal services required for residential real estate sales and purchases, mortgages, easements, subdivisions and commercial transactions.
  • Prepare and register the documents and facilitate all requirements for mortgage financing.
  • Use the most current technology for the electronic preparation and filing of documents.
  • Are able to provide services for property anywhere in BC.
  • Prepare documents for business sales and purchases.

Family Mediation

This is an alternate dispute resolution process that can resolve matters with out the adversarial process used in the Court processes. It is a non-adversarial process where a trained mediator assists in negotiating a settlement to which all parties agree.

Larry McCrea is qualified by the Law Society Of BC to provide Family Mediation services to separated couples.

Wills & Estates

  • Prepare wills and Power of Attorneys
  • Provide guidance so future costs are minimized
  • Help you achieve your estate planning goals.
  • Prepare and file Court applications for probate (when there is a valid will) and Letters of administration (when there is no valid will).

Personal Injury Claims

We act for clients with Personal Injury Claims. We are associated with the MacIsaac Group of Law firms so clients can obtain the best possible services for personal Injury Claims and still have local contact.

We minimize our use of paper through the intelligent application of technology.